3 things need to know about DxChain Mainnet Alpha

October 8, 2019, we are excited to announce that the DxChain Mainnet Alpha is officially launched!

Autumn is the season of harvest. After the release of DxChain Testnet 3.0, the DxChain team has been working hard to complete the commitment and finally brought the achievement of this stage to our community — DxChain Mainnet Alpha, which showcases the construction of master chain has basically finished, and features such as smart contracts, storage contracts, DPoS consensus algorithms, mining and so on have been implemented and work stably.

What’s the meaning of Mainnet Alpha?

It is well known that mainnet is the fundamental of a blockchain project, cryptocurrency is not a real blockchain technology until the Mainnet launch. Any concepts, ideas or theories are unrealizable. DxChain has been committed to building a secure and efficient decentralized big data storage and computing network from the beginning. The construction, development and performance of DxChain network are what DxChain engineers caring about.

The release of DxChain Mainnet Alpha represents that DxChain has basically completed the construction of the public chain framework, in which smart contracts, storage contracts, DPoS consensus algorithms, mining and other functions have been developed; also represents DxChain's transformation from cryptocurrency to a real public chain. There will be more commercial applications and greater ecosystems established on DxChain in the future. DxChain is about to change from a line of code to a blockchain project that can generate real technical value for the real world!

Highlights of DxChain Mainnet Alpha

To better support the new economy model, DxChain engineers conducted an in-depth study on algorithms. In this release, the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm was implemented to replace the previously used PoW (Proof of Work) consensus algorithm.

  • PoW, the most long-lived consensus algorithm in the blockchain world, requires some work from the service requester, usually meaning processing time by a computer. However, the costly and time-consuming characteristics are not applicable to the economic model of DxChain.
  • DPoS, considered to be an improved version of the PoS (Proof of Stake) algorithm, is a more democratic consensus algorithm. The form is similar to the election of the United States Congress that the holder of the cryptocurrency can vote for the representative. The representative's duty is to conduct transaction verification and generate the blocks. Conversely, the holder of the cryptocurrency has the right to reelection if the representative fails to fulfill his/her duties.

Nowadays, DPoS as a consensus mechanism is applied to more and more cryptocurrencies. The elected nodes are responsible for generating blocks and verification, greatly reducing the generation time and confirmation time, and greatly increasing the total throughput of the chain. DxChain stores the scene. Compared with Bitcoin takes 10 minutes, DxChain only takes 2~10 seconds to generate a block. In addition, after the implementation of the DPoS algorithm, DxChain's TPS (transactions per second) will leap to nearly a thousand to guarantee the contract processing speed on the chain.

Figure1. DxChain DPoS Process

Future Plan

The DxChain team has a solid plan to fulfill all goals and will complete one task after another step by step. In the last quarter of 2019, we are fully sprinting to the goal of Mainnet. The main working content includes (but not limited to):

  • Getting on large-scale testing for network security and stability
  • Implementing DPoS rewarding and punishment system, optimizing DPoS algorithm
  • Optimizing storage-related features, increasing the data upload and download speed
  • Adding support on Windows operating system

In terms of the release this time, we will gradually hold a series of community events and invite more DxChain supporters and blockchain technology enthusiasts to participate in the testing, so as to jointly promote the DxChain ecosystem construction and development.

Please stay tuned to the events upcoming shortly!

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