ANN | DxChain NEW Website Launched!

Hi DxChain Community,

Many of you have asked and been curious about DxChain's recent updates, now we are trilled to announce that DxChain website with new brand strategy is fully upgraded! We are back and get ready to start a new journey! Feel free to join us and take a look!

DxChain always believe that the Internet world is still inadequate in terms of data circulation, ownership and security, decentralized network would be the future. According to the updated website, DxChain will keep diving into decentralized data storage, strive to provide solutions for valuable data and become a crucial part of Web 3.0 storage ecosystem.

Meanwhile, we defined the "Community" for the first time: DxChain Community is a hub for all DxChain users and node operators, also it is an important carrier for decentralized storage network. According to DPoS algorithm, users can stake and vote for delegates, which are responsible for packaging transactions and maintaining network operation. In addition, co-construction, co-governance and sharing are our vision for DxChain Community governance. Thus, helping to build, maintain and expand the influence of our community is common obligation for all DxChain users and supporters.

Since DxChain Mainnet “Himalaya” released, it has been safely operated for more than 500 days. We can't make it without more than 140 delegates and 200,000 users worldwide. Looking ahead, we will release the new version whitepaper and Testnet for DxChain 3.0 this year.

DxChain Roadmap

On the decentralized storage basis of DxChain 2.0, version 3.0 will mainly make more new attempts and focus on technology landing, ecosystem applications and cross-chain scenarios, including but not limited to developer tools, ecosystem applications, and fund establishment etc..

After supporting the cross-chain Testnet in 2022, we plan to launch the DxChain 3.0 Mainnet "Sahara".

While dapps and cross-chain are superimposed together, the future of DxChain will not only concentrate on decentralized storage, but also integrate into the sea of chains. Come and join us now to start a new journey with DxChain, head to the oasis of data!

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About DxChain

DxChain committed to building a development platform for smart contracts and cross-chain ecosystem, and tend to create the most suitable public chain for decentralized applications.