DxChain AMA highlight (06/19)

Dear DxChain Community,

We are having extensive attention as the DxChain Testnet 3.0 is approaching, keep a close eye on DxChain and know more about our fast-evolving technology and updates!

Raise constructive questions about DxChain to win 3,000 community points! Thanks to the questions from @Nimesh777, @Bey76, and @eeeeasonl.

The rewards have been issued, be aware of screening fake news, phishing websites/emails, and cloning accounts. DxChain is excused from all losses incurred by users.

Please refer down below to the highlights:

1. Will Libra bring any influences to DxChain? Such as the blockchain market or the price...

It’s not easy to measure the influence of a single piece of news, but it’s nice to know that Facebook released the white paper of Libra.

Personally, I think it’s always good to know more and more traditional tech players are joining the game, thus more talents and resources will contribute to the blockchain development. However, the birth of Libra cannot change the industry immediately. Facebook has to face tons of challenges just as other blockchain projects do: regulation, scalability, security...

Actually, I think Libra as a centralized cryptocurrency cannot solve the essential problems people are struggling with, including privacy protection and data security. That’s why we need decentralized projects, like DxChain, to fundamentally transform the data storage market and the global economic system.

2. Why the price of the DX is so stable for a year?

Cause we never have done a “dump and pump” thing…And we believe the most important thing that we should focus on is product development, not the price.

Earlier this month, the last quarter of private sale tokens were released. Till now, token distribution for all the investors has been completed. It’s not a surprise that the DX price fluctuated a little bit these days. But we will not engage in the secondary market. I believe the price will bounce back to a reasonable position when the real needs of DX tokens are discovered and increased. Therefore, the DxChain core team will work even harder to deliver the Mainnet, develop the community and business market.

3. Will the DX be swapped in the future? What’s the token swap ratio?

Yes, DX token swap will start after the Mainnet launch. And the swap ratio for erc-20 DX to the native DxChain token will be 1:1. The swap process will start when the Mainnet has been launched and steady run for a period of time.

BTW, the community points you got from participating in the community events and campaigns can be redeemed at the ratio 10:1. So if you have got 10,000 community pts, you will get 1,000 erc-20 DX as a community reward.

4. Any preview of Testnet 3.0?

In this coming release Testnet 3.0, we did a huge major upgrade to improve the system functionality, scalability and stability.

1) Implemented Ethereum-compatible virtual machine and added storage contract-related instructions on it. In this way, developers can deploy their Solidity smart contracts into DxChain with almost no modification, and also they can use the powerful functions of storage powered by DxChain at the same time.

2) A lightning network like payment protocol between the storage client and the storage host has been implemented in DxChain Testnet 3.0, as a consequence, all small storage transactions can be completed quickly off-chain.

3) The file storage algorithm has been fully upgraded, and various algorithm optimizations (including White Ahead Log, Reed-Solomon...) to ensure that the user's files will not be lost even in the worst hardware and software environment.

5. There’s no big news for DxChain for a long time. When will be a new partnership with other blockchain projects?

As I just said, the DxChain Testnet 3.0 and Mainnet alpha is around the corner. And we plan to release the core code of Testnet 3.0 to the public after the launch of this version. We will release the detailed open-source plan soon.

For the partnership, I cannot tell you when exactly the next new partner will be announced. But I can disclose that there are multiple potential partners communicating with us, not only blockchain projects, but also college research centers, industry partners, major data centers, mining pools and also miner companies. We will let our community know the good news as soon as possible.

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