DxChain AMA highlight (07/31/2019)

Dear DxChain Community,

We are glad to have more communication with all DxChain supporters. Please let us know any questions you have.

Q1. As of now, the only product on DxChain is DxBox, is it trying to mimic Dropbox features to users, capture retail cloud storage market?

DxBox has the same vision as  Dropbox in the retail cloud storage market, but DxBox and Dropbox are built on a  totally different solution.

DxBox is decentralized cloud storage application, built on DxChain network. The goal for this project is provided a  decentralized storage infrastructure that inherently protects sensitive and private data for our customers.

Q2. I personally used/tested DxBox, it's sound great on upload/download function. Do you have any plans to bring new functionalities or new and trendy UX/UI?

We will surely do! We will implement the following features in the future version of DxBox:

1) Upload more than one file at a time
2) Create and modify a folder / categorize different types of files
3) Log-in/register system enhancement
4) Share the files via social network/email address

More details please check the article here:

Q3. When can we run a DxChain Node?

If you have applied for Node Testing here:, we will send out further details to you shortly, please pay close attention to the official announcements by DxChain, be aware of screening fake news, phishing websites/emails, and cloning accounts.

You can now take a first look at the node tutorial on Github: The illustration video is coming soon as well. Please stay tuned!

Q4. Testnet 3.0 seems back end upgrade, I’m not seeing any UI/functional different on it true?

Yes, that’s right. The UI related features have been scheduled into next quarter release.

And compared to the previous Testnet versions, DxChain Testnet 3.0 version implemented the well-tested large-scale storage function, a series of new features and improved algorithms, including:

1) Implemented the Off-chain Storage Contract, which is a payment protocol like lightning network between the storage client and the storage host.

2) Improved the consensus protocol design to make the current PoW + PoST consensus protocol as a plug-in for the system.

3) Optimized the storage contract system which is compatible with Ethereum virtual machines and Solidity smart contracts.

4) Upgraded the file storage algorithm and completed various algorithm optimizations (such as White Ahead Log, Reed-Solomon...).

In addition to the updates on the fundamental architecture, we also delivered the node program for users with personal computers for the first time.

More details please refer to

Q5. What are the differences between DxChain and IPFS?

1) DxChain has economic incentive model to build the whole ecosystem that DxChain miners will get DX tokens as rewards for sharing their storage and computing resources.

2) Compared with other blockchain projects, DxChain focuses on the blockchain infrastructure, data storage and computation, which is a promising field with great market value.

3) DxChain Testnet 3.0 is 100% compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, saves developers tons of time on solving issues occurred while migrating the application from Ethereum to DxChain.

4) Implemented the Off-chain Storage Contract, which is a payment protocol like lightning network between the storage client and the storage host, so that all small storage transactions can be completed quickly off-chain, increasing the efficiency and scalability of the system.

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