DxChain Announced a Partnership with EtainPower

In the past few days, DxChain has started a strategic partnership with EtainPower to call for a revolution in the traditional renewable energy market.

DxChain and EtainPower, the two technology entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley, share the same vision: Break the monopoly of the centralized data trading and energy assets held by technology giants by using the blockchain technology and token economy.

Nowadays, only a few giant corporates have the capacity of providing big data services. Therefore, the data storage and computing markets are monopolized by those large companies, and the acquisition cost of useful data for small and middle size organizations remains very high. Under this circumstance, large corporates can earn significant profits by trading data with advertisers, without paying much attention to the privacy protection and data security. Even worse, individuals, small and middle size research institutions and companies not only may lose the actual control of their own data but also will find it increasingly difficult to get the valuable and trustworthy data sources for their future development.

DxChain has adopted the mature Hadoop technology to the blockchain design and creates a unique “Chains-on-chain” architecture to solve big data storage and computing problems in decentralized environments. Through the design of multiple chains, DxChain can meet the needs of data storage, exchange and computing, as well as protect the original data and privacy of users. This strategy completely breaks the monopoly.

In the global energy market, the efficiency of renewable power trading and management is continually staying low because of the traditional power market oligarchy and centralized power supply and management mode. To make it even worse, the long-term monopoly has made it difficult for emerging renewable energy projects to grow financially fast or to overthrow the tradition.

EtainPower will use cutting-edge technology of the blockchain and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the centralized operation of traditional power system with the so-called model “power generation is mining.” EtainPower will also optimize the management and allocation of power energy, and enhance the intelligence of power systems, at the same time, provide token-driven solutions for financing, trading and circulation of more high-quality renewable energy enterprises.

With that being said, the partnership between DxChain and EtainPower will work together to develop the ecological construction:

  1. DxChain will provide EtainPower with API interfaces and security solutions for data storage and computing, as well as implement data storage, privacy protection, and intelligent computing in a decentralized environment.
  2. EtainPower, as a smart energy ecosystem, will share the huge amount of accumulated high-value renewable energy data as the important part of DxChain’s data ecosystem.

With the landing of strategic cooperation between both sides, we can foresee a revolution in the traditional renewable energy market. Through breaking the monopoly and centralized operation of traditional power system, renewable energy producers, operators, investors and ordinary consumers will all benefit from this revolution.

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