DxChain Announces Strategic Partnership with Trustlook

We are excited to announce that DxChain has achieved a strategic partnership agreement with Trustlook. DxChain will provide blockchain storage and computing solutions for Trustlook, while Trustlook will provide DxChain Security Penetration Testing‎ to ensure the asset safety of DxChain community and users.

DxChain aims to solve the storage and computing problems of big data in a decentralized environment by designing the “chains-on-chain” architecture, which includes one master chain and two side chains for data storage and computing. The master chain can run distributed ledger while coordinating the computing chain and data chain.

Chains-on-chain Structure

Recently, DxChain officially launched the Testnet & SDK — Alps Mountains, and released the DxChainPy SDK and a brand new Blockchain cloud storage product — DxBox. DxChain’s core theory is to empower individual users so that everyone can share his/her idle hard drives and storage/computing capacities to build a low-cost, secure, decentralized blockchain cloud storage network. In this network, individuals and households will receive economic incentives by sharing their idle storage and computing capacities. The incentives are distributed to individual users through storage contracts in the form of DX tokens. DxBox has already realized the basic functions of this network, and it also marks the success of DxChain’s productization.

DxChain Explorer
DxBox Uploading

Trustlook is a world-leading artificial intelligence security company, providing solid protection for mobile and IoT security over the years. On January 9th 2019, Trustlook released the Smart Contract Insight, a smart contract bytecode decompile platform. It is able to decompile the bytecode into a high-level human-readable language, such as Solidity, to help developers and auditors inspect the smart contracts easier.

In terms of the technical strategic cooperation between DxChain and Trustlook,

  • DxChain will provide Trustlook complete data storage and computing technology solutions for secure, high storage and computing speed in a decentralized environment.
  • Trustlook will provide security services for DxChain: Trustlook Smart Contract Insight will provide DxChain with security attack and defense testing to troubleshoot possible platform vulnerabilities. In addition, Trustlook will offer smart contract auditing service in the necessary scenario to ensure the asset security of platform users.

With the release of DxChain Testnet and SDK, and the widespread use of distributed storage networks, the security of smart contracts will become more and more important, directly related to the users’ property security of the entire network. Smart Contract Insight, the smart contract auditing platform of Trustlook, will be further available to blockchain industries to protect the security of the technology community and users. The collaboration between DxChain and Trustlook Smart Contract Insight will create a safer and more efficient blockchain ecosystem.

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