DxChain Community Ambassadors are on board!——First Phase Result

DxChain Community Ambassador Program was launched last month. Thanks to all applicants for their enthusiastic participation with powerful energy and passion! The first phase recruitment of DxChain Community Ambassador Program is completed. DxChain is glad and fortunate to have like-minded supporters like all of you!

In order to help the community grow sturdy in the long run, DxChain Community Ambassador Program is ongoing and the second phase recruitment is still opening!! We would like to invite more blockchain enthusiasts worldwide to involve in and make great efforts toward the establishment and global influence of DxChain Project. As DxChain Global Community is growing, we will have level up rewards in the future!

Don’t be hesitate to join!!

After the thorough reviewing, we are delighted to announce the DxChain Community Ambassadors as follows:

@alagbe003a, @ree_nadeem, @Nkcst, @MotivatorJoshua, @badbido, @Qntalkun, @barineka, @cryptopreach, @Technicalakash, @GoodbrainS, and @Priyankg3.

Congratulations and welcome abroad!

We highly appreciate the suggestions, advice, and supervision from the community!

Please be aware of screening fake news, phishing websites/emails, and cloning accounts. DxChain is excused from all losses incurred by users.

I. What does an Ambassador do?

(including but not limited to)

1.0 Community Content

  • Participate in the discussion on the DxChain related topic and post a more than 100 words paragraph on DxChain Blog/Reddit/Forum and Telegram every week;
  • Post the weekly work report and the work plan for next week on DxChain Blog/Reddit/Forum every Friday;
  • Encourage users to discuss the topic(s) in the group and share opinions, do not involve other irrelevant projects or topics;
  • Share a monthly report about your work and thought with DxChain community on the last day of each month;
  • Post a more than 300 words DxChain-related article (can’t be the monthly report) on DxChain Blog/Reddit/Forum and various social media platforms every month;
  • Translate Official Content to your language;
  • Make original materials like memes, stickers or videos.

2.0 Community growth and activity

  • Complete self-study and research on DxChain technology and concept, be able to promote DxChain Project in other blockchain related groups and invite active users to join in the DxChain Groups through your referral link every month;
  • Manage DxChain Telegram Groups and lead the positive discussion, increase the daily messages in the DxChain Telegram Group - New;
  • Show up in the group and have meaningful conversations more than 25 days in a month;
  • Encourage community members to post DxChain-related content and interact with the DxChain official on social media platforms;
  • Share more than 80% DxChain Official Contents on social media platforms every week to increase exposures;
  • Organize events related to the updates of DxChain within the group and output quality content;
  • Others:
    Reach out more DxChain enthusiasts to become DxChain Ambassadors
    Help DxChain Team establish networking with blockchain influencers;
    Other not listed aspects good to the development of DxChain Community;

II. What are the criteria?

1) Overall score = 50% core community committee + 25% ambassador vote + 25% community vote;

  • The core community committee members will be Allan Zhang, Maizie Feng and Olivia in the first phase.

2) The monthly reward will depend on the rankings;

  • The working period starts from July.

3) Not submit the weekly report on time for three times will be considered as abandoning DX Ambassador;

4) Consider the three-month comprehensive performance, the bottom two ambassadors will not succeed to the next phase.

1) DxChain reserve the right of final explanation for the activity;
2) The DxChain team reserves the right to unilaterally adjust the rules, including awards, ranking criteria and other rules;
3) Please pay close attention to the official announcements by DxChain, be aware of screening fake news, phishing websites/emails, and cloning accounts. DxChain is excused from all losses incurred by users;
4) Acts involving violations of laws, regulations, rules of activity, and interests of others will be disqualified;
5) Please contact or Olivia (@OliviaDxChain) if you have any questions about this event.

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