DxChain Mainnet Launch — The Pilot Run Starts

After nearly two years of intensive research and development by the DX team, we have gone through all stages of funding a team, writing the white paper, in-depth technical research and development and testing. We are glad to announce that the DxChain Mainnet is on live now! This article will introduce you to the specific content of the DxChain Mainnet (Himalayan Mountain).

What is DxChain Mainnet?

Look back to the milestones of the DxChain project since 2018:

June 2018, DxChain released the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) called “Rocky Mountains”, demonstrated the feature of storage and retrieval of files on a 5-node network, as well as the mining and storage functionality of nodes, and the successful upload and download of a test file. The MVP showcased DxChain’s blockchain storage capability as promised.

September 2018, DxChain Data-Side-Chain Testnet Beta “Andes Mountains” was launched, marked the beginning of DxChain’s productization. The data-side-chain enabled transactions, file storage, and product scaling. At the same time, the DxChain Testnet browser was released, allowed users to see DxChain products visually.

January 2019, the official launch of DxChain’s Testnet and SDK, named “Alps Mountains”, showcased the DxChain research and development team’s capability of implementing the distributed storage powered by blockchain.

In this version, DxChain also delivered the DxChainPy SDK and a demo Dapp —  DxBox. DxBox is a decentralized blockchain storage product powered by DxChain Testnet, provides secure & private cloud storage for users all over the world. Furthermore, DxBox provides engineers and researchers with blockchain solutions to data storage and file management in a distributed and secure system using DxChain’s SDK.

April 2019, there is no doubt that DxChain has the determination and capability to build a public chain by releasing the Testnet 2.0, which greatly improved the fundamental performance based on the previous Testnet.

July 2019, the release of Testnet 3.0 marked a full upgrade of the existing Testnet and significant improvement of the system functionality, scalability and stability.

August 2019, DxChain’s public chain Godx project was open-source, showed the achievements, including EVM smart contracts, lightning network storage protocol and fast verification algorithm, as well as showed the confidence of the DxChain Team.

October 2019, the Mainnet Alpha implied the construction of the master chain has basically finished, and features such as smart contracts, storage contracts, DPoS consensus algorithms, mining and so on have been implemented and work stably.

DxChain Mainnet is the accumulation of all DxChain R&D team members’ contributions over the past two years. After the enhancement of multiple version updates and releases, 32 high-risk bugs have been fixed, DxChain Mainnet is finally delivered successfully after achieving multiple technical innovations. Like the name of each version release, it symbolizes that the DxChain team broke through technical bottlenecks one after another. We believe that with more and more nodes join in, a vast decentralized big data storage network will be built.

The release of the DxChain Mainnet is to provide a platform for all nodes. This is not the end, but a brand new starting. In the future, more nodes run on the DxChain network, more stable and efficient data storage services can DxChain provide, empowering individual user data meaningful value.

The Highlights of DxChain Mainnet

Security and stability: The DxChain tech team has been working on data security and stability testing since the end of 2019. The technical team must ensure the operating efficiency of the overall mainnet, the security and stability of the network without any high-risk security bugs.

Optimization of DPoS algorithm: By reducing the use of the state database and optimizing the persistent storage structure, the overall DPoS consensus algorithm efficiency is significantly improved, and the usage of storage space is greatly optimized.

File storage function: After overall development and research, DxChain node programs will support Windows and Linux-Arm platforms, laying a solid foundation for large-scale data storage networks.

Logging System Enhancement: added syslog support on Unix based operating system, which supports routinely log rotation, log compression, and log deletion. Prevented disk overflow due to excessive logging messages produced by the node.

API Enhancement: added multiple APIs to better assist user to query information. APIs are including but not limited to validator reward querying, validator total votes querying, and validator reward distribution querying.

Light Node IP Prediction Mechanism Optimization: added IP learning mechanism during ping, pong message exchange in node discovery protocol. Enhanced the stability of IP prediction.

The Meaning of Mainnet Release

The vision of DxChain is to solve the critical problems: What is the value of data? Who is using it?

DxChain aims to create a decentralized data exchange platform to not only help users own and control their data, but extract and enjoy the value of data as well.

In order to ensure the authenticity of the data and protect privacy, data storage capability plays a crucial role. The DxChain mainnet has realized the first step of such technical foundation, providing more possibilities to reach the ultimate goal.

The Future of DxChain

After achieving the significant milestone of the mainnet launch, the DxChain team will keep going forward. Please refer to the following project roadmap:

2020.3-2020.6: Ensure the DxChain mainnet running stable;

2020.7-2020.9: Gradually open the storage function to all users, return the data ownership to themselves;

2020.10-2021.3: Cooperate with ecosystem developers to ensure the commercial scenarios and platform stability.

Thanks to all the community members for your trust and support as always, the mainnet launch is not the end, but a new start. Please stay tuned and join the new era of data storage with us!

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