DxChain New Year Interview by Jinse Finance

With the beginning of the new year, DxChain Co-founder Allan Zhang was interviewed by Jinse Finance. It’s a great pleasure to share the growth of DxChain in the past year and our plans for the year 2019 with other blockchain biggies.
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At the beginning of the year 2019, we would like to share with you the growth of DxChain in the past year and our future plans.

In the future, both big data and AI technology will be based on the secure storage, value mining and privacy protection of data. At present, centralized internet giants monopolize the data, however the decentralized blockchain technology provides us an opportunity to break the monopoly. Beyond the mainstream consensus of PoW, data storage as a useful computing power will become a new field with a great value. Therefore, DxChain project team is working hard to explore this new field and to lead the new trend of the internet of value.

What is still fresh in the memory is that after months of hard work, the DxChain’s White Paper was completed on February 16, 2018. Thanks to the support and trust of our investors, eight days later, the seed-stage financing of DxChain was completed. In the following months, more than 40 investment institutions joined DxChain in succession, while the DxChain global community grew rapidly to nearly 200,000 members. In early August, after the accomplishment of a two-day, four-round public sale, DX was listed on three exchanges and became a tradable token.

In terms of the product development, the DxChain research and engineering team has completed the development of two test net versions — Alpha (Rocky Mountains) and Beta (Andes Mountains). And the release of the official test net (version Alps Mountains) is projected in the first week of 2019. At that time, everyone can set up his or her own DxBox — a decentralized Dropbox based on DxChain Testnet, which indicates the implementation of the distributed data storage powered by DxChain Network.

To have a long-term vision, we will focus on the project research and development since we are fully confident of the future of DxChain Network, and we will continue working hard to create long-term value return for all the investors.

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