DxChain Project Progress Report by CryptoDiffer

On Jan 18th 2019, CryptoDiffer released an exclusive research report about DxChain and other ICO projects, aimed to investigate progress details of these projects after their ICO.
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DxChain Network is a decentralized big data storage and computing network. DxChain is a public chain, it designs a revolutionary “Chains-on-chain” architecture to make blockchain function as a computing unit — data storage and computing, so that the technical characteristics of blockchain can be truly extended to a broader field, promoting the next generation of technology from the bottom.


DxChain has released the testnet beta on 30 September 2018, and launched the Testnet, SDK and the first blockchain cloud storage product on January 7, 2019, which showcased the DxChain research and development team’s capability of delivering the project on time, and implementing the distributed storage powered by blockchain as promised.

During the past two quarters after ICO, DxChain research and development engineers have achieved:

  • Finalized the storage proof algorithm design: by implementing Merkle Tree algorithm, the test network can support 1024 nodes with 1T files on each node at 60 seconds for each block;
  • Released 3 major testnet versions, including the block explorer for testnet;
  • Implemented and released DxBox (the first blockchain cloud storage product) with DxChain API;
  • Designed and implemented API and SDK for partners and developers.

The next phase of DxChain development will focus on supporting smart contract and solidarity-based economy, and building the programming interface between storage and blockchain system.

The next release is projected at the end of 2019 Q1, and the Mainnet will be released in 2019 Q3.


Besides the technical progress, DxChain also made great achievement on the community and ecosystem development:

  • After ICO, DxChain has reached strategic partnerships with Quarkchain, NKN, Celer Network, EtainPower, and DoctorChain, to spawn an equal and open network, contributing to the entire blockchain ecosystem and bringing the blockchain’s features to a wide range of downstream applications.
  • DxChain Team has attended roadshows, meetups, and technical activities globally. In-depth discussions were held with several top blockchain engineer communities, including Blockchain at Berkeley and Google ABC.
  • DxChain has released the first and second distributions of the private sale, marketing and business development tokens as promised in August and November 2018. And the lockup period for team members has been extended from 6 months to 12 months. That is to say, till now, no team tokens have been released (all the tokens for team members now have a three-year vesting period, with a one-year cliff).

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About DxChain

DxChain committed to building a development platform for smart contracts and cross-chain ecosystem, and tend to create the most suitable public chain for decentralized applications.