DxChain Project Updates No.28 (06/15 - 06/28)

Dear DxChain Community,

Accelerating the development of DxChain innovation, delivering solid products, leading a high-paced blockchain project is what DxChain aims to do as always. No matter how the market changes, we will unswervingly keep the pace and strive for our ultimate goal.

[Development Progress]

The upcoming release of DxChain Testnet 3.0 signifies we will promote DxChain Development onto a new step. Please check what have DxChain Engineers done recently:

  1. Deep tested the P2P module, mocking unstable network to ensure the stability of P2P module.
  2. Reimplemented lock system in the storage manager. Now the storage manager supports atomic operation as well as high concurrency.
  3. Reviewed the existing test cases and worked out a better testing plan which covers all features for storage contracts.
  4. Tested the storage contract routine with different set of financial parameters for both storage host and client. Tuned parameters for better user experience.
  5. Build up the new test environment and dev environment. Prepare for the environment setup for production environment.

[DxChain won the “2019 Top50 Global Blockchain Innovations” Reward]

As the world’s first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain, DxChain won the “2019 Top 50 Global Blockchain Innovations” Reward, which includes high-profile satellite projects including Libra, Algorand, Monoxide, etc.

We are honored to receive the compliment from the blockchain experts regarding the aspects including the project progress, technology development, market performance, potential value, etc.

The acknowledge and support from our community are the best encouragement to the DxChain Team!

Please refer to the original post to read more:

[DxChain Community Ambassador Program Updates]

We are delighted to announce the first phase DxChain Community Ambassador as follows:

English Community: @alagbe003a, @ree_nadeem, @Nkcst, @MotivatorJoshua, @badbido, @Qntalkun, @barineka, @cryptopreach, @Technicalakash, @GoodbrainS, and @Priyankg3.

Chinese Community: Wuanjun, Dujinhong, Dehui, and daaitongyuan.

Let’s build DxChain Global Community an indispensable power to DxChain Project, so as to increase DxChain’s influence worldwide and promote it to new markets and stages!

More details please check:

The second phase application is still opening!

Click here to apply:

[Community Campaigns]

1. Bi-weekly AMA

From now on, 3 constructive questions raised about DxChain project in the AMA session will be awarded by 3,000 community points each.

Next AMA:
⏰July 2rd 19:00 - 19:30 PST


* If you can’t join the AMA, feel free to let us know your question/suggestions at any time.

Looking forward to hearing more from our community!!

Go ahead and check the AMA highlights:

2. DxChain Q&A Challenge

Brand NEW Wednesday Q&A Challenge is COMING!!

1) Each winner can win 1,000 community points reward;

2) We will randomly choose 30 winners from participants who answer the question correctly;

Instead of the first 10 people got the answer in each group can win rewards, no matter what time zone you are in, everyone has a chance to win reward!

Go and Win the raffle!!

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