DxChain Project Updates No.30 (07/13 - 07/26)

Dear DxChain Community,

As a determined supporter of the open-source community, technical developing is always the highest priority of DxChain Team. Please refer down to check the project updates:

[Development Progress]

After the release of Testnet 3.0, DxChain engineers are focusing on the open-source plan, we will gradually release the well-tested core code in the near future, enable more technology enthusiasts and investors to understand DxChain's technological innovation as well as attract more talented developers to join the DxChain network and ecosystem.

Please check the latest development below:

1. Redesigned and implemented P2P module. Now the connection is able to provide bi-directional storage contract negotiations and blockchain synchronization concurrently.
2. Research for the possibility of adding DPoS consensus protocol to DxChain blockchain.
3. Updated and optimized console commands and command line to provide a better user experience.
4. Redesigned and implemented the regression test framework for better extensibility.
5. Fixed bugs found on Testnet.

[DX Ambassador Program — Phase 3]

We are delighted to gather more faithful supporters, raise the project awareness, build an expanding community through the DxChain Ambassador Program.

The third phase application now begins! If you have keen interests in DxChain and Blockchain, have your own power to help DxChain Project gain greater influence around the world, don’t hesitate to join us!

Detailed Program:

Apply Now:

* Refer your friend to apply, you will also get a reward if he/she is selected

[Apply to be DxChain Test Node]

We’ll extend the application to ensure there are enough users who select client and host role when running a test node in DxChain Testnet 3.0.

Everyone can run a node in DxChain Testnet 3.0. And there are three roles a node can choose to play:

(1) running a miner to maintain the DxChain Network and getting DX rewards;
(2) being a host and sharing unoccupied spaces to provide storage services for earning DX;
(3) being a client and renting spaces to store files using DX.

If you:

1) are willing to participate in the test of Testnet 3.0;
2) are interested in mining DX;
3) have a computer with Linux or MacOS;

Please fill this form and get the chance to mine DX in advance!

[Community Campaigns]

1. Bi-weekly AMA

From now on, 3 constructive questions raised about DxChain project in the AMA session will be awarded by 3,000 community points each.

Next AMA:
⏰July 31th 19:00 - 19:30 PST


* If you can’t join the AMA, feel free to let us know your question/suggestions at any time.

Looking forward to hearing more from our community!!

Go ahead and check the AMA highlights:

2. DxChain Q&A Challenge

Brand NEW Wednesday Q&A Challenge is COMING!!

1) Each winner can win 1,000 community points reward;
2) We will randomly choose 30 winners from participants who answer the question correctly;

Instead of the first 10 people got the answer in each group can win rewards, no matter what time zone you are in, everyone has a chance to win reward!

Go and Win the raffle!!

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