DxChain Project Updates No.40 (12/01 - 12/13)

Dear DxChain Community,

Here comes the last month of 2019, DxChain will work steadily and devoted to the chain development as always, to draw a satisfactory period for the meaningful year.

[Development Progress]

Most of DxChain Community members are expecting to the Mainnet, DxChain team hold the view that "Not best, only better is our relentless pursuit of the goal". Please check the following tech updates recently to follow up:

1. Finished system testing and fixed bugs for light node implementation
2. Finished implementation of automation tools for the stress test environment
3. Started stress tests on large-scale network and found several bugs to fix
4. Observed some memory and GC performance issues under the stress tests. Started to optimize the code performance
5. Continue to fix bugs related to Linux arm-7 operating system.

[Meetup Report]

November 21, 2019, Allan Zhang, the founder of the global storage public chain DxChain was invited to join the meetup at Stanford Campus, introducing DxChain core technical and big data storage future. Please check out the campaign report here:
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About DxChain

DxChain is the world’s first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain.