DxChain This Month (2021.08)


We will share DxChain recent updates with our global community in “DxChain This Month”, and strive to bring more good news in the near future. Stay tuned and keep updated!

Check out what we did in August 2021.

1. Tech Digest

1.1 Development

  • Debug risk control system
  • Modify Community Mobile App interface
  • Test and optimize Community mobile application
  • Assess and design new function requirements

1.2 Product

  • Improve the design of community navigation bar
  • Submit mobile application to app store

2. Project News

2.1 DxFarm V2

In April 2021, DxChain launched the DxFarm V1 which supports DX-BUSD trading pairs and liquidity pool, total staked DX reached 300 million.

Recently, DxFarm was upgraded to Version 2 on August 24, we added DX-BNB trading pairs and DX-BNB liquidity pool for DxChain users to farm more DX. As of press time, the total value locked in DxFarm has surpassed 1.2 million dollars.

DX farming is still live now, up to 15,000,000 DX reward every week is waiting for you!

DxFarm Website:

Farm Tutorial:

2.2 DxChain Community Mobile APP

DxChain Community APP (Beta Version), the first application in DxChain ecosystem, is available to test now! The core functions of DxChain DPoS have been implemented, please try it out and let us know your comment!


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