DxChain Won Top Innovation Award of Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum 2018

DxChain’s Co-founder Allan Zhang and other team members participated in the two-day Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) last weekend at Santa Clara, California. Stood out from hundreds of Silicon Valley based companies, DxChain was awarded the honorable title of the Top Innovation Award of SVIEF 2018! Once again, huge thanks to our community for keeping us all along!

SVIEF is the leading Silicon Valley based venture capital service platform designed to promote business partnership and innovation between U.S and China. We are honored to have the opportunity to share DxChain’s concept and understanding of Blockchain with over 10,000 professional attendees.

DxChain’s Co-founder Allan Zhang was invited as the speaker together with founders from Quarkchain and EtainPower in the Panel Discussion “IoT, AI and Blockchain”. Allan Zhang talked about how DxChain could use blockchain to drive the development of AI and provide solutions to big data problems.

Here are the highlights of the panel discussion:

Q1. Will you please introduce yourself, and what your project is?

Hi, I am Allan, a serial entrepreneur. I previously ran Trustlook, an information security company based on big data, and was the initial engineer of Palo Alto network. DxChain is a public chain that aims to provide decentralized storage and computation services and build a data exchange marketplace.

Q2. What’s your opinion about the relation of AI and Blockchain?

Most companies find difficulties to obtain high-quality data, a majority of which is concentrated in the hands of the tech giants. For example, Google Maps has user navigation data. Facebook has user portraits and behavior data. Amazon has user shopping behavior data, etc. These are the foundations of their business models and their accumulation for decades, which will enhance their advantages.

At the same time, AI requires a significant amount of computing power and storage, which is also a huge expense for startups.

First, the blockchain allows data to be returned to individuals. Users control their own data while protecting their privacy through zero-knowledge proof, differential privacy, cryptography, etc. The technology exempts users from worrying about the data leak or data abuse. At the same time, the data owners can also make money from selling data, which encourages users to share and contribute their own high-quality data actively.

DxChain can use the blockchain technology to build a data transaction market for both parties with data needs, enabling companies to obtain high-quality data at a lower cost and more efficient behavior. Users don’t have to worry about their privacy leaks, and they can also get a return on value — a win-win situation.

In addition to the data, AI needs computing power and storage,DxChain is attempting to use the blockchain technology to create a sharing mode for computing power and storage, which will vastly reduce costs and make big data and machine learning more focused on advancing algorithms, model iteration, and accelerate the development of artificial intelligence.

After all, blockchain is a perfect match to artificial intelligence. Both are the mega technology trends that will transform the world and can complement each other. The blockchain can accelerate the development of artificial intelligence.

Moreover, DxChain team members hosted a booth in the SVIEF 2018. We reached out to thousands of SVIEF attendees and blockchain enthusiasts within these two days and got hundreds of proposals for cooperating, funding and even working for DxChain. We are grateful to have the opportunity to exhibit in this spectacular event.

About DxChain
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