Cross-chain Bridge「Golden Gate」goes live on DxChain

We are thrilled to announce that the cross-chain bridge 「GoldenGate」is officially landed on the DxChain V3 Mainnet! Golden Gate Bridge will boost the cross-chain ecosystem of DxChain and enable DxChain Staking open to our global community!

The initial version of GoldenGate will support the efficient transfer of DX tokens between ETH, BSC and DxChain networks, is the prerequisite and a crucial tool for DxChain.

Welcome to take a look! Golden Gate Bridge ➪

📌 Why Cross-chain is Important?

The cross-chain bridge enables secure and efficient transmission of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and data between blockchains with different protocols. Users can easily realize digital asset transactions through the cross-chain bridge. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of asset circulation, the cryptocurrencies can be exchanged and swapped on chains without going through any centralized platforms.

📌 What is Golden Gate Bridge?

Golden Gate Bridge is a dapp incubated based on DxChain V3, which will build a fast, secure and low-cost cross-chain bridge between different chains.

Golden Gate Bridge is a well-organized cross-chain system that builds a safe and isolated execution environment to prevent centralized interference by cross-chain bridge operators.

The Golden Gate Bridge mainly consists of two parts:  

  • Trusted Execution Environment: By creating an isolated space, users can use and process private keys in a secure environment, while preventing users and applications on the parent instance from viewing and obtaining these keys.  
  • Cross-chain system: including the retriever and verifier of the transaction.
    Retriever: The system is mainly responsible for retrieving different chains, obtaining legal transactions submitted in the execution environment, and modifying transaction status. The system will find out the successful transactions sent to/from the chain and ensured that the transfer amount includes sufficient gas fee and cross-chain fee required for this transaction, otherwise the transaction will be rejected.
    Validator: A certain number of system nodes need to submit the same transaction meanwhile, then the cross-chain bridge will send the corresponding transaction on another chain to complete the asset cross-chain.

📌 How to Bridge Tokens From Ethereum/BSC To DxChain?

Please refer to the Guide here:

📌 Look Ahead

For the consideration of the security of funds, the Golden Gate Bridge will be disassembled into three stages, and the development of each stage is based on the stable and safe operation of the previous stage. Let's build up the DxChain ecosystem together!

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