My Plan and Report for Week 2 (08/07/2019 - 14/07/2019)

Name: Akash Chaudhary
Telegram Username: @Technicalakash
DxChain ID: TT01cU
Facebook profile link:
Twitter profile link:
Reddit profile link:
Instagram username: bakkichakki1
Linkedin profile link:
Youtube profile link:
Disqus profile link:

Plan for next week:-

  • I will start more public polls and surveys to know public review about DxChain and DxBox as well.
  • I will share latest bounty events and project updates to Influence the people.
  • I will influence new people for our project and events through social media platefroms.
  • I will let the people know about the upcoming updates and events of our project and will spread the awareness regarding DxChain.

My Report (08/07/2019 – 14/07/2019)

My telegram work:-

  • Maintaining  DxChain telegram group (DxChain Global - New) and Influencing the people for latest updates of project and events.
  • Started a review poll
    Q. what do you understand by DxBox?
    Decentralized Blockchain Mining (9%)
    Decentralized Blockchain Storage(82%)
    Token Burn/ Token Swap (9%)
    Centralized Cloud Storage(0%)
    11 votes

My facebook work:-

My twitter work:-

My Reddit work:-

My instagram work:-

My Linkedin work:-

My Youtube work:-

My Translation Work:-

DxChain blog discussion link (Talk no.2)

:- If you are willing to test the node program, please apply for it.
YES, I applied for it through the given link.

When there is no content from DxChain team, what will you do?
( I will take people’s feedback about DxChain and DxBox services, and will do some interesting talk about the project and upcoming events.

Post a more than 300 words DxChain related article.

(  (link to article)