NEWS | DxChain 3.0 Litepaper is Live!

Based on the idea of Metaverse and the trend of Web 3.0, DxChain is excited to start a new adventure of entering a new ecosystem era of "DxChain 3.0" in 2022. We are delighted to announce that the DxChain 3.0 Litepaper is released to demonstrate our innovative vision!

Unlike traditional project whitepapers, litepaper is a shortened and concise version of a whitepaper, applicable to both technical and business contents. It aims to let users understand the fundamental principles and points of the project in a short time instead of explaining obscure technical research and models.

The newly released DxChain 3.0 LitePaper mainly focuses on cross-chain economy, technical architecture upgrade, ecosystem dapps and community governance, etc., to elaborate and illustrate in detail. We intend to depict a new blueprint and roadmap for DxChain 3.0 to all community members and DxChain supporters.

Please read the full contents through the link here:

We are also running a bounty program to celebrate the release, don't miss out!

🎯Litepaper Bounty Program

1️⃣Read DxChain LitePaper

2️⃣Take a screenshot of the most helpful/meaningful chapter or page, and interact like this

3️⃣Join DxChain TG Group ( and send the proof screenshot to Olivia (

4️⃣2 supporters will be given 20,000 DX each on Jan 3, 2022.


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4) Acts involving violations of laws, regulations, rules of activity, and interests of others will be disqualified;
5) Please contact or Olivia ( if you have any questions.

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