Testnet 3.0 - powerpacked version of the previous? Simplified.

Early this year, Dxchain released Testnet version 2.0 and subsequent to the earlier proposed development plan in 2018, it finally completed the final stage of the Testnet in the past Q. 2 of 2019.

Releasing Testnet 3.0 marked the completion of the improvement strategies mapped out by the Team. As a significant improvement over previous version, the following are obvious features distinguishing the latter from the former. Personally, I could say the Team are well coordinated and consistent in their dealings as regard the roadmap and formulated strategies.

  1. Improved Storage Contract And  Compatibility.

To encourage more inflow of dApps to More works were being carried out to install efficacy of storage contract system where Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the Solidity contract was brought in compatibility with Dxchain storage network. This makes it quite easier for developers to interact and or deploy on Dxchain network enabling adaptation and interaction between EVM , Solidity (language used for smart contract development on Ethereum.
As an aspiring developer, I could say Dxchain simplifies my tasks should I intend to launch my application on Dxchain network.

This version implements a quick payment protocol referred to as the Off-Chain storage contract between the storage client and the storage host where all smaller transactions can be handled without recourse to the main chain. The purpose of this is to raise the overall performance and scalability of the system.

To achieve quick consensus amongst nodes and prevent discrepancies, PoW and PoST was the protocols used in previous version but for better flexibility are configured as plug-in. This is to ensure easy upgrade and optimisation to the consensus protocols when need arise. Moreover, team hopes to achieve better storage function in future by combination of DPoS and PoST in the Mainnet to come. However, it was only stated as a plan to treat until further notice.

To my understanding of the Testnet 3.0, nothing could be more safer, secure and value-giving in big data storage than these power packed features.
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