The Debut of DxChain's First DeFi Application—DxFarm

Hello DxChain Community,

After one year of hibernation, DxChain is waking up now and we are delighted to announce that DxChain’s first DeFi application DxFarm is launched on April 15, 2021! With the launch of DxFarm, the DxChain team will vigorously develop DeFi applications and empower the DxChain ecosystem in the future!

Our first liquidity mining campaign will also start on April 16,2021 11:00 PM PST, with a reward pool more than 16,000,000 DX during the next two months, please check the information below and get ready for the upcoming events.

About DxFarm

DxFarm is the first Decentralized Finance application created by DxChain team on BSC. It aims to provide users with a one-stop DX financial platform, including lending, trading, mining functions and getting Camel NFT.

DX-BUSD trading pair is now available on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, users can directly buy or sell DX to stimulate the overall circulation of DX. Users will obtain the liquidity certificate LP token by providing liquidity for the DX-BUSD liquidity pool on DxFarm.

DX Liquidity Mining

Having the DX-BUSD LP Token, users are able to earn rewards proportional to their share of pool and redeem at any time. In addition, staking the LP Token can also earn more DX in return. The rewards are released in blocks, with about 4,000,000 DX released in the first week, and then decreasing by 20% every week thereafter.

Start Time: April 16, 2021 11:00 PM PST
Total reward pool: 16,644,557 DX
Total Terms: 8 Weeks
DX Token contract on BSC:

Please check here for more instructions:

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About DxChain

DxChain is a decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain, provides a comprehensive solution for data storage and computing problems, with an emphasis on privacy and security.

DxChain's core theory is to empower individual users to share his/her idle hard drives, data storage and computing capacities to build a low-cost, secure, decentralized blockchain cloud network.


No guarantee of profit: DxChain does not claim that liquidity mining and participation in liquidity mining campaigns will be profitable. Liquidity mining yields are a measure of rewards compared to assets used for liquidity mining, excluding any gains or losses incurred from the underlying trading strategy.

Eligibility requirements: participation in liquidity mining is subject to eligibility requirements as specified in the liquidity mining policy.

Campaign terms subject to change: terms may be modified over the course of the campaign. We will announce any changes, if any, on our Twitter and Telegram; the most up to date terms will also be posted DxFarm website.

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About DxChain

DxChain committed to building a development platform for smart contracts and cross-chain ecosystem, and tend to create the most suitable public chain for decentralized applications.