Why DxBox over other traditional client server model/other data storage solutions?

Big data management and machine learning computing has never been better with the existing centralised form of data storage until advent of DxChain. Before now, the need for data storage, access, retrieval and sharing have magnanimously bred the need for cloud form of storage. The use of Dropbox encourages centralisation since there is a server where data are assembled and are replicated for use by the administrators. Also, in the event of hack, all data are exposed. This poses serious threat to users' data and privacy.

Usage of Dropbox has proven to be effective to an extent until the need for freedom of control and safety arose. Technically, employing the use of Dropbox as a form of storage predisposes the subject to several threats ranging from security breach to loss of complete control over one's own data. DxChain introduces a decentralised form of data storage through its native App called DxBox which is aimed at eliminating centralised authority hence restoring users' privacy plus easy retrieval and sharing of data at users' convenience.

DxBox is developed using a blockchain architecture to store big data and machine learning removing the limitations of using Dropbox. Since blockchain stores data using immutable distributed ledgers over the connected network of computers/nodes (which can be configured to either permissioned or permissionless), DxBox harnesses its potentials to solve the existing real-world problems. It renders data in an encrypted format for the storage provider hence making impossible to retrieve the original data file.

Using blockchain architecture simplifies the burden of big data storage since each connected network act as a storage unit. Data are distributed over the connected network of computers and storage capacity can be improved upon by simply adding more computer (s) which can also act as storage providers.

Each connected computer is referred to as a node. Each node enjoys economic benefits on DxChain by serving as a host and client. As a host, it benefits by rendering service as a storage provider and earn DX token as a Client.

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