DxChain 3.0 Testnet Beta Launched

At the beginning of 2022, we are thrilled to bring you a piece of good news: DxChain 3.0 Testnet Beta has now been released!

As stated in the Litepaper, DxChain 3.0 will be a platform to support smart contracts and cross-chain, so that DxChain can better build ecosystem with other projects and develop a new era based on web3. The release of testnet exactly marks the completion of the first phase development.

The detailed code and documents have been public on GitHub, please check it out!

What is DxChain 3.0 Testnet Beta?

Compared with DxChain 2.0, DxChain 3.0 Beta has added a new contract layer, which puts DPoS consensus logic and data into the system built-in contract. Consensus implementation relies on the interaction between the bottom layer and the system contract, and optimizes the DPoS module mechanism such as election, reward and punishment. All DPoS related operations can be done through the interaction with the system contract, making DPoS more like a decentralized application for users to operate and participate in easily.

Consensus data includes validators, voter, staking, reward data and other information. Combined with the adjustment of block generation time, the characteristics of fast block output, high performance and low latency will better support the ecosystem development of DxChain and facilitate the development of DeFi, NFT, GameFi and other dapps after the launch of DxChain 3.0 Mainnet.

What does DxChain 3.0 bring to users?

1. DPoS algorithm with the characteristics of democratization and low latency can avoid the high-intensity computation for the contention of block rights like PoW.

2. DxChain 3.0 adjusts the block generation time to 3 seconds to obtain the stability and transaction throughput of the system simultaneously, boosting the development of on-chain ecosystem.

3. Move the staking delegation function in DPoS from the bottom layer to the system contract,
1) Enable users to perform DPoS operations as easy as using Dapp;
2) Keeping the integrity of the bottom layer and compatiblity with Ethereum and APIs, greatly helping the cross-chain behavior and development between public chains;
3) The upgrade of system contract is conducive to the development of DAO.

4. Token burn mechanism is added to slow down the rate of DX inflation.

5. Blacklist address management is implemented to prevent any risk transactions.

Technical Brief Introduction

At present, the system contract reconstruction of DPoS has been initially completed and integrated into the fundamental layer.

DxChain 3.0 DPoS architecture adds a system contract layer, which separates DPoS from the fundamental infrastructure responsible for block generation, consensus, synchronization, transaction and other conventional functions. The system contract layer is responsible for the consensus logic and storage of DPoS algorithm, realizing epoch election, rewards allocation, nodes punishment and etc., and storing all data of block nodes and voters (miners).

There are multiple smart contracts in the system:

● Proposals: contracts for external users to apply for nodes and DAO governance in the future
● Validators: contract for validators, stores data such as stake, allocation ratio, and voting information for validation nodes.
● NodeVotes: the voter contract, stores the voting data of the voter on different nodes.
● SystemRewards: System reward contract that stores data of validation nodes, voter rewards, node penalty and epoch related.
● Blacklist: address management contract used to verify the validity of transaction addresses.

We optimized the interaction between the fundamental layer and system contract layer to achieve higher processing performance with 0 handling fees instead of limited by gas price for  external interactions.

Moreover, "tx.gasprice==0" is restricted for key system operations such as election, rewards distribution and punishment, so as to ensure that only system calls are allowed to protect the security of the system and assets.

Further Plans

As we had a good start to the DxChain 3.0 and made a small step towards the new era of 3.0 ecosystem, the technical team will focus on performance test and contract audit in the next phase, strive to show more possibilities of DX to community members!

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