DxChain This Month (2021.10)


We will share DxChain recent updates with our global community in “DxChain This Month”, and strive to bring more good news in the near future. Stay tuned and keep updated!

Check out what we did in October 2021.

1. Tech Digest

1.1 Development

  • Community security system upgrade

1.2 Product

  • Added anti-phishing phrase function
  • Deactivated SMS verification code function
  • Disabled phone number login function in China region

2. Project News

2.1 DxChain Wiki

For better understanding of DxChain, we collated the most useful information, documents and articles to guide our new members and community supporters. The new platform is called DxChain Wiki and it will be continuously updated, please stay tuned.

Feel free to check out here and let us know if any other contents you are interested in.

2.2 New Platform

In order to provide a communication platform for the global-wide community, DxChain Discord group was created!

All DxChain supporters are welcome to join and meet like-minded people here! In this channel you’ll be able to catch up with all of our development progress, announcements, media press and tutorials. Moreover, you’ll also have chances to meet James and Allan in a live AMA and earn DX from random lucky bags.

Join us here:

2.3 DxFarm Reward Pool Adjustment

Taking current marketing conditions and our further campaign plans into consideration, we decided to adjust the amount of the DxFarm liquidity mining reward pool (starting from block 11792774).

From October 14 to 28, the reward pool will be decreased by 50% each week, and will be decreased by 80% every week after that.

Thanks for your support and understanding!  

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