DxChain This Month (2022.10)


We will share DxChain recent updates with our global community in “DxChain This Month”, and strive to bring more good news in the near future. Stay tuned and keep updated!

Check out what we did in October 2022.

1. Tech Digest

  1. [DxChain V3] On-chain performance testing  
  2. [DxChain V3] Build the back-end new technology architecture  
  3. [DxChain V3] Released a new version of the official website  
  4. [Dapp] Cooperate with GoldenGate cross-chain bridge for development, testing and launch
  5. [Community 3.0] Node Automated Deployment  
  6. [R&D] Research on oracle technology

2. Cross-chain bridge Golden Gate landed on DxChain

We are thrilled to announce that the cross-chain bridge 「GoldenGate」is officially landed on the DxChain V3 Mainnet! Enable DX Token Cross-Chain Swap Between DxChain, BSC and Ethereum.

Swap Now:


3. DX Trading and Staking Competition

The Trading & Staking Competition is now live on DxChain! Stake and swap to split 880,000 $DX by 11/16.

Campaign Details:

Moreover, stake and vote on DxChain or anticipate as a validator to earn up to 10% APY! Stake Now:

4. New Version Website

DxChain's new and beautiful websit is updated with freshly new design and detailed developer resource available to explore! Take a look:

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About DxChain

DxChain committed to building a development platform for smart contracts and cross-chain ecosystem, and tend to create the most suitable public chain for decentralized applications.