Look into the future of decentralized storage at Stanford University

On the evening of November 21, 2019, DxChain founder Allan Zhang was invited by Stanford University Student Association to have a DX technology sharing and decentralized storage doctrine with students who are interested in blockchain technology.

Stanford University

Stanford University is located in Silicon Valley, a high-tech industrial area in the United States, and ranked third in the USNews National University, constantly exporting high-quality students and talents to Silicon Valley companies. In addition to a large number of academic top prize winners, Stanford alumni have performed well in many fields such as business, politics, and technology. For example, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Cisco founder Lerner, Intel CEO Craig R. Barrett, and one of the founders of Yahoo! Zhiyuan Yang are outstanding entrepreneurs and legendary stories in Silicon Valley.

Stanford and Blockchain

Blockchain is being valued with the increasing emphasis on blockchain technology and demand for talents. Blockchain courses in colleges and universities also have been enrolled by more and more students. Moreover, Stanford University has more than ten courses related to blockchain. The most important reason for the strong interest of students in blockchain technology is that they believe that the future of blockchain will change this society and affect all aspects of the world, and it is a long-lasting and revolutionary influence. The ever-increasing demand and prospects for future blockchain technology make Stanford pay more attention to the education of blockchain, and students are more interested in receiving cutting-edge blockchain knowledge.

Stanford and DX

We are honored to receive the invitation of the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford to present DX technology and concepts. In this sharing session, Allan started with his entrepreneurial story, his first startup and finally chose to enter the blockchain industry to start DxChain project.

Allan explained the concept of the value Internet, which is "chain + distributed data storage + distributed data computing" to all attendees, highly arising their interests in this topic and all students showed their prospects and expectations to the future of decentralized storage. At the same time, Allan explained the DX architecture and consensus. Questions about how to ensure the security of data and the profit model in the future distributed storage environment were raised and discussed, showing students’ affirmation and support for the concept of DX.

When discussing with the students, Allan also mentioned the vision and outlook for the value of DX that we are committed to empowering data subjects to control their own data, received the recognition and expectations of all participants.

At the end of this meetup, Allan still discussed with passionate students.

The DxChain team believes that the blockchain industry is still in an early stage, more technical talents are required to the influx and glow, and we need everyone to jointly promote the exploration of blockchain technology. In the future, DxChain will have more meetups on campuses and cities, disseminate the seeds of blockchain technology and decentralized storage. Adhering to the concept of "Internet of Value", start a new technological journey.

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