The Year of DxChain 2022

2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The increasing interest rates exacerbated the global economic recession, and the cryptocurrency market also being a bear market for a long time. However, DxChain has always dived into Web3 technology, and opened a new era of DxChain V3 crosschain ecosystem!

Thanks for the generous support from DX Community! DxChain team wishes all DX investors, supporters, and developers a happy new year!


In January 2022, with the release of the new version of DxChain Litepaper, the testnet beta introduced the redefined DxChain V3, which realized the underlying technology upgrade by implementing the built-in system contract layer, planned to build a comprehensive development platform supporting DeFi cross-chain ecosystem.

DxChain 3.0 Testnet Beta Launched 👉

In March, a performance test was carried out based on DxChain V3 test chain. The peak TPS could reach 1098 under high load, fully demonstrating the potential and capability of DxChain's fundamental layer.

DxChain 3.0 Performance Test Report 👉

In June, we invited global users to experience the new DxChain application and functions on DxChain testnet, gained the attention and participation of users in China, the United States, Indonesia, Germany, Japan and other countries, with more than 30K page views in just a few days.

All about DxChain 3.0 Testing! 👉

In August, DxChain V3 mainnet was officially launched, laying an essential cornerstone of DxChain cross-chain ecosystem.

In October, Golden Gate Bridge is lived to boost the DxChain V3 cross-chain ecosystem, supporting DX swap in various networks with low gas fee, high efficiency and security.

Cross-chain Bridge「Golden Gate」goes live on DxChain 👉

In 2022, DxChain completed the silky transformation from V2 to V3. Operation, function and user experience were incredibly optimized. By the middle of December, there were 15,425 addresses on DxChain V3, 773,109 transactions were made, 4,130,791 blocks were produced, and the maximum number of daily transactions on the chain reached 10,679.

As the public chain, DxChain's underlying protocol, technical architecture and processing speed are commendable and has its own characteristics after the version iteration. At the same time, DxChain has left footprints in more than 60 countries, laying a good foundation for developing the global community.

In 2023, not only the infrastructure such as cross-chain bridge and DeFi development platform, DxChain will also build DX metaverse including community governance, DEX, multisig, and NFT.

DxChain's planning and blueprint are bright and clear:

🔸 The cross-chain bridge will support the seamless transfer of cross-chain assets, and build a global asset ecosystem;

🔸 Provides DeFi development platform that enables developers to build any dapps on DxChain;

🔸 Conducts open and transparent community governance through DAO to ensure that every DX supporter can speak up;

🔸 Provides secure DEX trading platform for tokens and NFT;

🔸 Provides multisig wallet tools to protect the funds of DX supporters;

🔸 Build NFT trading market and creation platform, make full use of the unique identity of NFT, empower equity NFT and make it a part of DxChain ecosystem development.

2022, DxChain made steady progress and strength accumulation.

2023, we look forward to the prosperous DxChain ecosystem, bringing us more surprises!

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