DxChain AMA highlight (07/02)


We’d like to let you know every aspect of DxChain project and technical development, the monitor from DxChain Community will encourage us to reach a higher stage.

Raise constructive questions about DxChain to win 3,000 community points! Thanks to the questions from @KRYPTO_NIGHT, @Gilbert0Golf and @Qnowzz.
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Please refer down below to the highlights:

1. Does DxChain possess a wallet for DX token? If not, will you develop one and when will it be?

A new command-line wallet tool will be released in the Testnet 3.0. And the user-friendly GUI client and mobile wallet are planned for the future release.

2. Compared with other blockchain projects, although DxChain has a broad application market, the ability to solve the problems like high-quality data collection, data storage and circulation is weak, how do you think?

Compared with other blockchain projects, DxChain focuses on the blockchain infrastructure, data storage and computation, which is a promising field with great market value.

DxChain's research and development team are always believed that focusing on the underlying core technology can make actual changes to the industry. Only the most basic general-purpose data storage solutions can be practically commercialized, the commercial application scenarios can be realized based on that.

Since DxChain Team is founded, we conducted in-depth researches in various primary areas of data storage, including large-scale storage systems, redundant backup systems, efficient verification algorithms, and user privacy protection, and applied the research results to current project development.

At the same time, the DxChain’s marketing and business team are also actively engaged with industry partners, including close communication with storage service providers, vertical industry data providers, and hardware vendors. So as to promote the new generation of storage architecture, including software and hardware with all business partners after the practical application of DxChain technology.

3. Can we run a node on Testnet 3.0?

Yes! Everyone can run a node in DxChain Testnet 3.0. And there are three roles a node can choose to play:

(1) running a miner to maintain the DxChain Network and getting DX rewards;
(2) being a host and sharing unoccupied spaces to provide storage services for earning DX;
(3) being a client and renting spaces to store files using DX.

More details will be announced soon, please stay tuned.

Sorry, the DxChain T-shirt is a limited edition and not-for-sale. The only way to get a T-shirt or other DxChain swag is to participate in the events held by DxChain community. Welcome to join us!

5. Any update feature for DxBox?

Not for this release. The DxBox is a demo Dapp powered by Testnet 1.0. Since we have made significant updates to the Testnet, including consensus algorithm and storage network, thus huge changes will have to be made for running DxBox on the new Testnet. Thus, we don’t have a plan to update DxBox are present. But we will consider updating it and adding more features in the future.

6. Is there any proposal that DxChain can work along with Facebook Libra or any other technology companies?

Not yet, but it’s a nice proposal. DxChain is open to working along with other tech companies, including Facebook and other blockchain projects. DxChain will be able to provide fundamental services including data storage and computing as the blockchain infrastructure, therefore, various types of applications will be able to run above DxChain.

Also, we are planning to upgrade the economic model and design a hybrid payment system, to accept various tokens for getting data storage and computing services. As a consequence, not only Libra, but also many other tokens will be accepted by DxChain.

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