DxChain Launches Testnet 3.0 with Off-chain Storage Contract

We are glad to announce that DxChain Testnet 3.0 is officially launched on July 8, 2019!

The release of Testnet 3.0 marked a full upgrade of the existing Testnet and significant improvement of the system functionality, scalability and stability.

1. The Overview of DxChain Testnet 3.0

DxChain is committed to building a decentralized big data storage and computing network with high security and efficiency, transforming the unequal production relations and economic distribution systems of the traditional big data market through our technological innovation, and enabling each data subject to achieve personal data privacy protection, storage security and value realization.

According to the development plan announced last year, establishing a stable and efficient decentralized storage network on a global scale is the foundation for implementing DxChain's innovative "Chains-on-chain" architecture. Therefore, we planned to develop and expand the DxChain storage network first, and then move on to the development of the big data computing network.

In the release of DxChain Testnet Alpha and Beta in 2018, we have demonstrated the basic features of the DxChain storage network, including block generation, file uploading and downloading. In addition, we also released the DxChain Testnet SDK and the first blockchain cloud storage product DxBox successfully. After the release of Testnet 2.0 in early 2019, the DxChain research and development team continued to optimize the existing decentralized system and file storage algorithms, and finally completed the productization and released Testnet 3.0 in 2019 Q2.

Compared to the previous Testnet versions, DxChain Testnet 3.0 version implemented the well-tested large-scale storage function, a series of new features and improved algorithms, including:

  1. Implemented the Off-chain Storage Contract, which is a payment protocol like lightning network between the storage client and the storage host, so that all small storage transactions can be completed quickly off-chain, increasing the efficiency and scalability of the system.
  2. Improved the consensus protocol design to make the current PoW + PoST consensus protocol as a plug-in for the system, so that the consensus algorithm could be upgraded and optimized easily in the future (In fact, we are considering to use the consensus algorithm combining DPoS and PoST in the Mainnet for better support to the new storage economy model).
  3. Optimized the storage contract system which is compatible with Ethereum virtual machines and Solidity smart contracts, and enhanced the adaptability and compatibility of DxChain storage networks when deploying different types of applications to DxChain, making the whole system more developer-friendly.
  4. Fully upgraded the file storage algorithm and completed various algorithm optimizations (such as White Ahead Log, Reed-Solomon...) to ensure the user data security in any hardware and software environments.
  5. In addition to the updates on the fundamental architecture, we also delivered the node program for users with personal computers for the first time. That means users all over the world can run a DxChain Testnet test node as long as their hardware, software and network meet the very basic requirements, and can use their idle hard drives and storage capacity as the computing power to participate in the DxChain mining.

2. Future Plans

With the release of Testnet 3.0, the storage network section of the "Chains-on-chain" architecture introduced in DxChain white paper has been completed. The DxChain team made a lot of attempts in the process and finally delivered the product smoothly.

In the next six months, the DxChain team will promote the development of the Mainnet based on the following aspects:

  • Stably increase global nodes, promote larger-scale testing, and improve the security, stability, and reliability of the Testnet and storage networks;
  • Optimize the consensus algorithm and upgrade the economic model of storage network (including the introduction of the Staking economic model, etc.)
  • Develop flagship products such as DX Wallet, DxChain Explorer, and File Storage Dapp that meet the design of new consensus algorithms and economic models;
  • Research and develop the developer toolkits that support the storage ecosystems construction and development, and promote the strategic cooperation and commercial applications scenarios can be realized based on DxChain storage networks.

To realize the vision of establishing a secure and efficient decentralized big data storage and computing network, the DxChain core team not only focuses on technology research and product development, also emphasizes on the community building and business cooperation.

In terms of the release of Testnet 3.0, we will gradually hold a series of community events and invite more DxChain supporters and blockchain technology enthusiasts to participate in the test of Testnet 3.0, so as to jointly promote the DxChain ecosystem construction and development. As long as your computer runs a Linux or Mac OS system, you can apply to become a DxChain Testnet test node and experience the mining which takes your idle storage capability as the computing power immediately!

Apply now:

Please stay tuned to the events upcoming shortly!

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