DxChain Staking & Trading Competition is LIVE! 880,000 DX for grabs!

The cross-chain bridge 「GoldenGate」is officially landed on DxChain V3, boosts the cross-chain ecosystem of DxChain and enable DxChain Staking open to our global community! During the event, make cross-chain transaction through Golden Gate Bridge and stake DX assets on DxChain to share 880,000 DX prize pool!

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Oct 17, 2022 - Nov 16, 2022 11:59 PM PST

Activity 1:  Carnival - 200,000 DX Reward

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  • When the staking amount on DxChain V3 reaches 13.5 billion, 2,000 DX will be randomly airdropped to ten DX holding addresses on DxChain
  • For every additional 500 million staking, 2,000 DX will be randomly airdropped to ten addresses whose balance is greater than 1,000 DX
  • Each address can earn the Carnival reward for once.

Activity 2: Staking Contest - 300,000 DX Reward

  • During the competition period, the top 25 addresses with the highest staking amount (excluding node staking) will share a 300,000 DX prize pool in proportion to their staking amount.
  • The staking must be maintained at least one more week after the campaign.

Activity 3: Trading Contest - 380,000 DX Reward

  • During the competition period, the top 25 addresses with the highest trading amount (transfer DX from ETH/BSC network using Golden Gate Bridge) will share a 380,000 DX prize pool in proportion to their trading amount.
  • Duplicate or fake transactions will not be counted.

Terms & Conditions

  • Each wallet address can only claim one of the rewards from the staking contest or the trading contest.
  • This service is only provided according to its current situation. As it involves Internet and mobile communications and other services, it may be affected by unstable factors. Therefore, DxChain is excused from any consequences caused by following reasons, including but not limited to natural disasters, risks of service delay, interruption or termination caused by telecom operator control, computer viruses, hacker attacks, strikes, riots, government actions, etc., which may affect the timeliness, security and accuracy of the company's services.
  • Users shall not maliciously participate in this event by any means, including but not limited to registering and controlling multiple addresses for the purpose of profit-making, speculation, cashing out, winning prizes, etc.
  • DxChain reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms.
  • DxChain reserve the right of final explanation.
  • Rewards will be distributed within 14 business days of the campaign ending.
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